Selection of CBD oils from George and Mae

Who are George & Mae?

George & Mae came about whilst I was looking into natural treatments that would help my mother with her terminal cancer. There was so much information on the net to decipher, which was confusing.  I found it particularly hard to find good quality CBD oil from a company I trusted. 

Unfortunately, I found out about CBD too late to help my mother but, with all the research I had conducted, I felt that CBD oil was an amazing untapped resource and I wanted to use it myself.

I have been taking CBD for a while now and really like it. I did, however, really struggle with one aspect of CBD oil and that was the taste. Taste is a personal thing but for me, it was really hard to stomach the flavour. I have searched the world for the best tasting product and feel I have found it.  

George & Mae premium CBD oils are really lovely, so good that not only do they avoid the strong flavour of many oils but taste so good that you look forward to having your daily dosage. They contain zero THC and are of a really high organic quality so you are truly buying the best.

I hope you enjoy my oils as much as I do.