George & Mae – A New Flavour for CBD

It’s George & Mae Day!  

Finally, I am launching, after 9 months of research, investigating, sourcing, designing and tasting, my oils and company are ready to launch.

I have likened this journey to pregnancy and giving birth and I am ready to start actively pushing that baby out!

At the start of this journey, CBD was still really underground, having only just gained legal status. Yet already there are multiple companies out there selling CBD. It is being discussed in the national news and featured in magazines and on television.

So, the big thing is the amount of CBD you are taking. On the ‘This Morning’ clip they talked CBD amounts.  However, the amounts of CBD in the products shown are really small quantities and the prices not cheap.  You need to have enough CBD to really feel it. For instance, the current maximum recommended daily amount in the UK is 200mg. When you then look at a water/tea with 3-5mg you can see that you would need a lot of it to count.  The oils we sell provide between 8.33mg to 33.33mg per serving so you are taking more CBD for your buck.

George & Mae are one of the first companies in the UK to offer flavoured oils.  As I say on the website, our oils taste delicious! Gone is the feeling that you have stuck your head in a compost bin and sucked.  Now you can enjoy the experience of taking CBD oil. A much better way to start the day if you ask me.

Anyway, don’t just take my word for it, get online and sample it and let me know what you think.