CBD as a Novel Food

CBD is turning into a Novel Food. This means that it won’t be considered as something that has been around for millennia but rather something that is new.

Novel Food, won’t this be good?

Whilst I personally think this is rather crazy, as ancient books talk about the hemp plant as being used by humans, there is some good to come from it. Companies have to register with the Food Standards Agency to be able to sell their products in the UK. Through this process all of the products they are selling are going to be analysed for content. Inevitably this will sort the wheat from the chaff. Hopefully for the consumer, this means that they will be able to trust what they are buying and will also mean an end to the snake oil that is currently available which customers unwittingly buy.

How would you like your CBD?

However, one issue that I question is that they are going to allow for synthetic CBD products to enter the market, in itself this isn’t an issue but these products won’t have to be labelled any differently to the products that come from the hemp plant. Perhaps you may not think there is anything wrong with this but I think in the same way consumers can make an ethical choice between whether they want to buy organic or conventionally grown products, it would be good for consumers to be able to decide whether they want CBD that has been extracted from the hemp plant or CBD that has been manufactured in the labs. Either end product is fine but consumers should be able to easily make the distinction before they purchase.

If you are a CBD consumer and would like to have a say you can complete a 1min survey at https://tinyurl.com/npkh3f3m

The good news is that George & Mae products will pass the Novel Food tests as we have always insisted on premium ingredients for our customers.

Photo by David Gabrić on Unsplash