Hemp & CBD Exploding onto the market

Welcome to my second blog.

It has been a really busy few weeks for me trying to get George & Mae’s tasty CBD out there in the world, including in a visit to the Hemp & CBD Expo at the NEC, Birmingham on Saturday 2 March.

The Expo was a jam-packed event and it was evident to everyone there that CBD is a seriously growing market.  Many different companies attended and there were great talks from industry experts about CBD and its uses.

My personal favourite talk was by Dr. Dani Gordon.  Dr. Gordon is a Medical Practitioner from Canada, who has also trained in Integrated Medicine.  In Canada, all forms of Cannabis are legal and Dr. Gordon is a big advocate of CBD. Excitingly, she is working with a group of UK physicians, training them in the art of Cannabis medicine, as this is something that is completely new in the UK.

She spoke about CBD in its molecular form.  CBD is a Lipophilic molecule – which means it dissolves in fat, not water. Therefore, CBD requires infusion in high-fat oil to allow the body to absorb the CBD contained.  This is why, at George & Mae, we have started by selling CBD infused in oil.

CBD is gaining popularity because unlike its sister compound, THC, it doesn’t produce the psychoactive reactions, or ‘high’, associated with THC this means when taking CBD, users can still drive and operate machinery.

Please note George & Mae products are sold as Food Supplements and are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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